Ras Red I


Banner TLR-011 smallRas Red I, born in the late 70’s in the south east of the UK. Ras Red I grew up in a household where music was a priority and where roots reggae was never far from the hi-fi. This in combination with early exposure to the irresistible might of open air reggae sound systems clearly made a big impression on the young producer in waiting. Teenage years were misspent feeding the addiction to riddim, forever seeking out that perfect version. The dub had taken hold. Things came to a tragic head in around 2001 when he was diagnosed with O.D.D. (Obsessive Dub Disorder). Many feared for his sanity and it is during these dark times that Ras Red I claims that King Tubby himself visited him in a dream, instructing him to create “brand new, old fashioned dub” Today he manages his condition with strict doctor’s orders and daily doses of roots therapy. He is rumored to reside somewhere in the south west where he spends his time in the studio buildings riddims with his loyal house band The Red-ites.


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