Mike & Rob – Children Are The Future

Release date: September 19, 2012

Mike and Rob, is a duo formed in 2010 by two well-seasoned artists called Mike Anderson and Roberto Milanesi. Years of musical experience both professionally and on an entertainment level has made them both able to fuse all of these elements into their music. Music can heal spirit and soul surpassing all communication since music is the universal language of the soul that speaks to the heart of people. This album is realized as result of a huge desire to reach out to people in different facets of life. The concepts and style with regards to the music and the composition, has resulted in much more than just four pieces of music that have been composed to achieve a certain genre.

The production skills of Milanesi are quite unconventional and made him able to fuse roots, tribal and dub and turn it into a modern-day production.
The vocals and lyrics on ‘Children Are The Future’ are written and recorded by Mike Anderson who is a multi talented singer/songwriter born in Jamaica. Mike raised up working with many big stars like Skin (Skunk Anansi), Orlando Voorn and Dark Poets to name a few. He tells the stories taken from the walk of life and seen through his own eyes which felt and lived those emotions. Anderson has been able to transform all these emotions into words. These words accompanied by the musical interpretations of Rob Milanesi give us yet another release the Terra-rista’s are proud of. You all can bank on one thing. The “Children Are The Future” Ep is a guarantee to open up your mind and deal with something different then the average 4/4 or wobble bass.

So, be prepared! “Children Are The Future” will hit you in your mind and will go straight to your soul.

Cat: TLR-009
UPC: 4250330539459

Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Leftfield, Dub

Additional Sound Engineering and Mastering at Highwood Audio, Berlin – Germany
Artwork – Smoothio

Released by: TerraLogica Recordings


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