D’ubserver – Are You Dready

Release date: Dec 21, 2011

This 8th TerraLogica Recordings chapter has again tremendous amount of life and emotion. For all its length, the work has an organic totality and at the end after the two songs are played there should be a fulfilling sense of achievement of a long nurtured and developed story, finally being told.

Listening to D’ubserver’s work through his own challenge may well stimulate self confrontation in the rest of us. Not in competition with others but rather a striving within the self to discover how much better one can become. He states “my music is as varied as my feelings are, or the world is, and one composition expresses only part of the total world of my music”.
A dynamically well balanced release again simply a treat for the ears. The song “Levington” which is a real sound builder, continuously adding more drive to it and step by step the story will unfold itself to the listener. The second song on this release is called “Dial 999” a real melting pot of sounds rooted in a ragga/dub style the label, TerraLogica is focusing more and more on lately.

Cat: TLR-008

Genre: Reggae, Dub, Downtempo

Additional Mastering at Transition Mastering, London – UK
Artwork – Smoothio

Released by: TerraLogica Recordings


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