D’ubserver – Diedra

The new TerraLogica by D’ubserver is again a single release and already dropped on the 24th of December 2014. This is what D’ubserver has to say about it.

“The song Diedra is an ode to my love. So many things to say really but little words to explain, hence this song. Everything about her is perfect, even the things I keep moaning about. When she walks by I smell the sent of coconut and mango. Her sparkling brown eyes always disarm me. There is not a dull moment around here because of here smile when she laughs at my jokes only she understands. There are a thousands of reasons why I love her, she puts up with me and my freakiness, which makes her stronger than Atlas. When I see her.. time simply slows down, and my heart races as I walk to her knowing she welcomes me with her joyful hellos and kisses. I could talk to her for hours about food music and all kinds of stuff and not get bored for a second. She is full of mystery, only she understand. She is full of bullshit, only she understands and its okay if I never do because she is mine and I am planning on keeping her.“

Cat: TLR-0017
UPC: 4250783672864

Genre: Downtempo, House

Additional Sound Engineering and Mastering Zownd, Leiden – The Netherlands
Artwork – Smoothio

Released by: TerraLogica Recordings


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