D’ubserver & Sennid – Jah Music

Design TLR-0017

The riddims on this Ep are some of the best and the dynamic vocal delivery from KING Sennid make the songs work perfectly. Sennid comes about as close as anyone besides Buju Banton and Capleton to perfecting the hybrid of roots reggae and dancehall. While not as well known Sennid is firmly in their league. The rich bass lines the uplifting chants & the not average drum programming make this an absolute essential Ep for any serious fan of dancehall, reggae and dub. This Ep is again a wonderful showcase of D’ubserver’s production skills and variance. The deceptively simple tracks are pure energy, songs that can draw in people who know nothing about reggae/dancehall with a “What is that?” look on there face. The quality that Jah Music achieves with Sennid’s magnetic presence as the unifying force of it all, his towering presence, and the strength of his convictions come through loud and clear. Sennid’s beautiful, heartfelt vocals give the songs that extra, melancholic quality and make all 3 cuts an emotional, striking mirror on life. Every tune is solid and the vibe throughout is relaxed and mellow, as the D’ubserver productions allow Sennid to shine on this Ep.


D’ubserver & Sennid – Herbal Tree
D’ubserver & Sennid – Praise Di Emperor
D’ubserver & Sennid – Wicked Lose There Soul*
*Composed by Ras Red I & arranged, mixed & produced by D’ubserver

Cat: TLR-0015
UPC: 4250783675544

Genre: Reggae, Dancehall

Additional Sound Engineering and Mastering D’ubserver, Hilversum – The Netherlands
Artwork – Dj Sista Mona Lisa

Available from February 11th 2015 via all major distributors!

TerraLogica Recordings 2015 ©



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