D’ubserver – Separate Minds

TLR-011 Demo Cover 3

This new D’ubserver Ep is another stage in self-discovery because for years Sylvio Heres [D’ubserver] has been obsessed by what he considers the constricting pressures of “the system” and he says “Its not a question of freedom anymore, its above that. I mean, its getting more and more difficult for man to just BE. And even fewer men are making a real effort to find out exactly who they are and to build on that knowledge. People are forced to do things they don’t want to and feel they have no choice. In fact that is not at all true because we create our own slavery and separation from each other by letting individualism take over and create more and more little personal businesses. The modern technology is fantastic but has its dark sides. But me? I am going to get through finding out the kind of man I am.”

Track list:
1 Fire Burn 6:42
2 Positive Message 5:20
3 People Come from Aruba 3:09

Lyrics on Fire Burn and People Come From Aruba are from the always delivering Ragga Twins [UK] and Sennid tops it of with his intriguing rasta chanting on the fantastic song “Positive Message”. Unconventional and never predictable, keep an eye out. Mastering is done by Highwood Audio, Berlin & the cover design done by Smoothio.


D’ubserver – Separate Minds TLR-0012 is available from July 22nd 2014 via all major distributors!

TerraLogica Recordings 2014


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