Flip Morton – Lemon Dust


Flip Morton

Release date: Aug 1, 2010

Lemon Dust, already the 4th release on TerraLogica Recordings is produced with an open mind, just how it fits the label so well. In general “Lemon Dust” reveals more then what can be found on the direct surface.
It is dubby electronica with heavy dubstep/techno elements, a musical experiment as Marco Madia (the man behind the Flip Morton moniker) likes to put it himself.

If you are tired of that same old wobbly bass then step into Flip Morton’s world ,and hear his take on this highly popular genre. Experience a new blend of more than just that same old thing. Great detail, hi-fi and high end, the same qualifications TerraLogica is always looking for. Impulsive and on the fly, edited but never overproduced..cause perfection is not desired.

Cat: TLR-004
UPC: 4250330547966
Genre: Dubstep, Dubtechno

Additional Sound Engineering and Mastering at Highwood Audio, Berlin
Artwork – Gabriel Jasmin

Released by: TerraLogica Recordings


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