Manudub – Echocid Part 2

Manudub - Echocid part 2

This is the 2nd part of the latest TerraLogica story and it is a production by Manudub named Echocid. Echocid is a wordplay between Manudub’s favorite fx machine the echobox and the Ecocide or ECHOCID.  It basically refers to the extensive destruction of the natural environments and disruption or loss of many ecosystems  all around the globe to such an extent.. that the survival of the inhabitants is endangered. Manudub is an aware person and therefor the well being of mother earth is high on his personal agenda hence the name of the album Echocid.

Sound wise this 2nd part has a lot to offer, 3 great songs by Manudub plus one pimped up by the fantastic dubber El Bib, who with his Ruffer Dub remix of Graceful Riddim comes closest to the original Jamaican styles we all love so much. The beautifully crafted and well put together material is a lust for every genuine music lover and therefor we hope we can make you appreciate the hard work we all put into this album.

TerraLogica Recordings as always has achieved the best in quality recording techniques and presents this album with pride for your listening experience.

Available from May 28th 2014 via all major distributors!

TerraLogica Recordings 2014 ©



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