DEE106 – Os Gwelwch Yn Dda



Release date: Mar 1, 2011

Some producers have been leaving indelible marks on the music called Techno and Electro. Even actively changed the coarse of Techno while other’s effected it more osmotically. All had but one thing in common, they wanted to produce music of lasting value.
So does Jamie Williams aka DEE106(derived from using a Juno 106)aka Squillydee. DEE106 is a 28 year old man/machine born and raised in South Wales UK. He told me last week that even when the Maya calendar runs out of time, he will keep tweaking his machine’s ….no doubt.
Highly influenced by analog machines, vintage gear and 90’s Detroit Techno&Electro from the likes of Underground Resistance and Drexciya.
He pays homage to the most important revolt in electronic music until today with his 4 track debut Ep called Os Gwelwch Yn Dda…
Available from March 1st 2011 via all major distributors!

Cat: TLR-005
UPC: 4250330557811
Genre: Techno, Acid

Additional mastering at Blacklisted Mastering, London

Artwork – Soraan Latif

Released by: TerraLogica Recordings


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