Ras Red I – Obsessive DUB Disorder

Ras Red I Final Design

Dub music combines two things basically, deep melodic bass lines and a creative production. A good engineer makes a huge difference to a dub record. I should point out to you that this album was not released by King Tubby, but by our own fresh Terra-rista, UK based dub producer called Ras Red I.

His touch has a distinctive link to the dub sound produced during the seventies and eighties. Dub is generally associated with the seventies but the dubs here sound fresh and timeless. It could hardly be described as cutting edge but it is every bit as exciting, innovative and important as anything that has come out of the UK recently. There is constant invention, the bass lines are diamond and gold and the entire EP is simply very special. Obsessive DUB Disorder is a really good EP to pick up if you are into reggae already, or interested in an introduction into the world of Ras Red I or dub music in general.

Everyone who cares about music should hear this debute Ep by Ras Red I.

Cat: TLR-0011
UPC: 4250783618565

Genre: Dub

Additional Mastering at Highwood Audio, Berlin – Germany
Artwork – Smoothio

Released by: TerraLogica Recordings


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