D’ubserver – Sankaracharaya


Release date: Jul 1, 2010

A blending of styles, a cross-over of electronica/reggae/dub, heavy bass dominated sounds, partly uplifting, serious and demanding at other times. Bottom line,.. an asset to every serious music collector. This is a release with a lot going for it, dubby, deep and catchy rhythms transformed to a new and eclectic format.

The title Sankaracharaya is referring to the old Vedic traditions, still used in Advaita Philosophy(the philosophy of none dualistic thinking) today. It’s the so called process of mind purification.
The four principles or better, the four qualifications of understanding consciousness is the bigger thought behind this 3rd TerraLogica Recordings release.

The four principles are also the four track titles:

1.Viveka [Dealing with duality]
2.Vairagya [Detachment/freedom of self-indulgence]
3 Satsampatti [The six virtues to gain mental control]
4.Mumuksutvam [Desire for liberation]

Listen and enjoy this new TerraLogica ride of eclecticism and you are bound to want more.. and be sure more will come, because D’ubserver is here to stay!

Cat: TLR-003
UPC: 4250330546778
Genre: Dub, Reggae, Big Beat

Additional Sound Engineering and Mastering at Highwood Audio, Berlin
Artwork – Gabriel Jasmin

Released by: TerraLogica Recordings


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