Sennid [Sennid Simon] a rasta singer and autodidact multi instrumentalist from Cave Junction, Oregon [US]. Born in California as a youngster Sennid moved to the mountains with his dad to get more fresh air and he says his dad saved him by letting him run up and down the mountains to get that good air in his lungs ..Well we all know by now what that did since we hear on a daily base new Sennid material scattered all over the net.

With his just as creative love, Mona Lisa who is a batik painter & Dj and his dogs he lives in the woods of Oregon. Every day chopping wood to keep warm and making new chants are some of the daily challenges, guided by the most high Jah. Sennid is a an example of true love to each and every one, that unconditional love we so often hear talking about but with Sennid its the real deal.  To be able to work with a guy like that! says D’ubserver, is simply a bliss and a true privilege.



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