D’ubserver – Wall Of Ego

Release date: Jul 13, 2011

D’ubserver the creator of rhythmical realms which serve as a soundtrack for your observing mind. Produced is this second chapter in a period where self realization was central and knowing “the unknown” was vital. D’ubserver clearly has his roots into dance music, but after hearing this genuine & honest production of highly enjoyable music, the chords, the twists, the skank guitars and originality and creative use of sampling will bring each listener into a “more-ish” mood and will persuade her to become a fan and will keep track of this one of a kind sound provided by your sound dealer TerraLogica Recordings. This new creation is as inevitable as life itself, a sonic adventure of genre-bending dub/reggae where everybody will fall for like a pack of cards on a breezy day. After listening to material provided by D’ubserver you are left with a renewed sense of commitment to your spiritual life.

“Wa dem can do fi stop D’ubserver? Not much really!

Cat: TLR-006
UPC: 4250330567247

Genre: Dub, Reggae, Breaks

Additional Sound Engineering and Mastering at Transition Mastering, London – UK
Artwork – Rugon Crowen & Smoothio

Released by: TerraLogica Recordings


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